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M4W is an award winning Marketing company, recognized for Innovation, Creative Advertising, Online Marketing Strategies and Ethical Standards of business practice. Having worked with hundreds of clients across numerous industries, M4W continues to learn and grow from the experts…our customers. The needs have changed; the budgets have changed; the demographics have changed; the entire landscape of marketing, advertising and media have changed over the last 5 years and will continue to change, faster than ever in history. What sets us apart from every other “marketing, media, social media, website, publishing…you name it” business out there?

Bobbye & Tonilee appeared on Fox5 San Diego Morning News to Share their Top 3 "Tips" to Making EXTRA CASH, ongoing. They are offering New CLASSES and a Membership to their "flagship" MasterMind Academy Program, for ALL ages and experience levels, beginning October 1st. To Learn More, visit the Master Mind 2.0 information page HERE. To Join the Master Mind Academy, a special offer of $25 per month is available for a limited time. To JOIN the program, click HERE. Classes are available to attend "IN-PERSON" or "ONLINE.".800-992-0369

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Marketing must be STRATEGIC and Comprehensive to be competitive today.

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In our hands, we carry the "world" of knowledge, but HOW do we use it?

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Digital Marketing and Media has transformed our lives. Keep it simple.

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Our goal is to TEACH you HOW to create the content that works for your service or product. In today's marketplace, VIDEO and DIGITAL marketing are essential, but we make it easy for you to learn the secrets to the success your business needs.

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We are excited to launch our NEW and IMPROVED "MasterMind 2,0" Classes Starting on October 1st, 2018. We are here to help YOU. We are Teachers, Authors, Trainers, and have found "success" using proven methods that we can now share with you.