Media 4 Women Enterprises is a company uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs, at every level of their development. In 2009, Media 4 Women began as a “marketing and media” business, providing a wide array of services, from website design and development to marketing and PR, for any size budget. Co-Founders, Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson, share a passion to inspire, motivate and educate people (with a specific niche for women business owners and entrepreneurs) to start and run successful businesses, companies and organizations. Over the past 6 years, Media 4 Women (M4W), has evolved along with the ever-changing technology and economic environment affecting most every business, new or old.

M4W is an award winning company, recognized for Innovation, Creative Advertising, Online Marketing Strategies and Ethical Standards of business practice. Having worked with hundreds of clients across numerous industries, M4W continues to learn and grow from the experts…our customers. The needs have changed; the budgets have changed; the demographics have changed; the entire landscape of marketing, advertising and media have changed over the last 5 years and will continue to change, faster than ever in history.

What sets us apart from every other “marketing, media, social media, website, publishing…you name it” business out there? The answer lies with the owners…Bobbye and Tonilee. READ ABOUT BOBBYE & TONILEE They have owned and operated a women’s non-profit since 2004. They have started over 10 new businesses together. They are event producers, authors, publishers, radio hosts and producers, website designers and developers, media trainers, teachers, social media experts as well as video producers and frequent guests on television programs. They speak to thousands every year, traveling throughout the world. They serve on Boards of various organizations, work with women business owners across the world and passionately cheer for the underdog. Bobbye & Tonilee have walked the path of which they teach.

If you want someone to LISTEN to you and your needs, DISCUSS honestly with you the best options, DEVELOP a plan for the next steps and EXECUTE successfully, alongside you; then, call today for a FREE CONSULT or CONTACT us for any assistance.